Description: A Short Honky-Tonk cowboy melody with classic cowboy and western elements, which has plenty of character in a fun stereotypical cowboy environment.

Description: Harmonica and Honky Tonk piano combine with electric guitar which plays throughout providing a slow trotting, cowboy western style bass melody. The harmonicas lazy tune whales away throughout and has a slight comedy edge that could suggest a person stranded, or walking down a long road in search of water or hot desert landscape.

Description: Traditional country and western style cowboy dance track with pacy beats and plucky guitar elements throughout creating a happy, busy, folk style track.

Description: Classic cowboy style theme music with plucky acoustic guitar, fiddle and traditional western instruments to create a sense of urgency and mystery.

Description: Rural American, western style, piece featuring wailing harmonica accompanied by slide guitar. Evokes dusty, downbeat cowboy landscape.