Description: Mentally, fast forward to the good old days, when passions were brighter and the grass was greener, suitable for a variety of applications in the field of sound design

Description: An western spaghetti style duel.

Description: The perfect soundtrack for a Western rumble. A tense dialog between twangy Baritone guitar and drums and percussion create a sense of impending doom.

Description: A catchy Tex-Mex style instrumental with searing slide guitar, mandolin and accordions, upbeat and different!

Description: Want an extra order of Spaghetti with that Western? Ennio Morricone meets Duane Eddy, stand back, y'all!

Description: This short ragtime piece would be useful for projects looking for historic music assets or that are dealing with Old West locations like a saloon or speak-easy.

Description: This short string ensemble piece would work well as an intro or identifier for a project dealing with themes around the American Old West.

Description: Suitable as a theme or background music for an Old West, Western, Wild West or Frontier type film.

Description: An antique, nostalgic music piece with happy and peaceful country guitars.

Description: Happy-go-lucky, bouncy & jaunty traditional American heartlands reel. Deep down South, on the farm, wearing your straw hat, dungarees & gingham having a hoedown. Features picked banjo, fiddle, blues, slide guitar & mandolin. Great for travelogues, documentary & radio & television commercials.