Description: This short ragtime piece would be useful for projects looking for historic music assets or that are dealing with Old West locations like a saloon or speak-easy.

Description: This short string ensemble piece would work well as an intro or identifier for a project dealing with themes around the American Old West.

Description: Suitable as a theme or background music for an Old West, Western, Wild West or Frontier type film.

Description: An antique, nostalgic music piece with happy and peaceful country guitars.

Description: Happy-go-lucky, bouncy & jaunty traditional American heartlands reel. Deep down South, on the farm, wearing your straw hat, dungarees & gingham having a hoedown. Features picked banjo, fiddle, blues, slide guitar & mandolin. Great for travelogues, documentary & radio & television commercials.

Description: This is a traditional old cowboy folk instrumental.Ideal for western cowboy settings.

Description: An orchestral mix of classic, epic Westerns and the cinematic emotion of sleeping under the Texas stars, "Lone Star Adventure" is an outstanding piece for any cowboy or cowgirl project. Whether you're showcasing an evening at the rodeo or just a looooooooooong road trip through Texas, this is the adventurous track you need.

Description: This is a short happy piano rag.Ideal for Twenties Forties cues.Also cowboys Silent film theatre cues or riverboat.

Description: This is a short honky tonk piano rag with a southern feel.Ideal for cowboy cues.Twenties Forties Cues.Silent films,theatre cues or riverboat.

Description: You're in a Dark cabaret full of smoke, snobby men and cheap women. The sloppy honky tonk piano will take you back to the 1930's. Life is a cabaret!