Description: Sit back and relax by the fire as your wagon train takes a break on your old west journey with this public domain melody written on the wagon trail. This piece brings the nostalgic feelings of the simple but rough life in the old west with a simple acoustic guitar with violin and harmonic taking the melody.

Description: A short happy piano rag.Ideal for 1920s-40s cues.Keystone Cops.Silent films.Underscore.

Description: A short happy nostalgic piano piece.Nineteen twenties-forties.Ideal for old west lounge bar scenes.Keystone Cops.Cowboys.Silent films.

Description: Moody and serious cowboy western style acoustic guitars.

Description: Driving, Rolling, and insistent, acoustic guitar theme. Think American highways and the open road with a hint of country and bluegrass. Features, Acoustic Guitars and Slide Guitar. Main mix, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: Country, Country-Contemporary, Rock, Rock-1970'S, Historic, Historic-1970'S, Western, Beautiful, Enthusiastic, Panoramic, Middle Of The Road, Mor, Feel Good, Happy, in a Happy mood, featuring Guitar, 12 String, Acoustic, Shaker, with a Mid tempo

Description: acoustic,moody,waiting,praying,scared,times up,time running out.

Description: acoustic,old west,moody,creepy,alone,last hour.

Description: ragtime construction kit look for the others sc files.