Description: Happy and merry, fast and funny piano a la Wild West stride style with guitar and brushes to back it up. It creates a very cheerful atmosphere and fits great to documentaries, comedies and theaters.

Description: A traditional western track with lots of driving orchestral elements energy.

Description: An expansive frontier landscape drawn by orchestra, featuring hints of tribal percussion.

Description: Music in the style Old West. Suitable for various applications in the field of sound design.

Description: Lively and dramatic, full bodied and colorful Flamenco dance, characteristic of Southern Spain. Think Matador at a bullfight - a real intense flavor of Spain. Features trumpet, flamenco guitars, flamenco fx, castinets & hand claps. Main mix, underscore & 2 x 30sec versions.

Description: It's been written thinking about a cowboy who leaves a land.The job is done, it's time to go. World/Ethnic Cues, Western Cue, and Warm/Family Cue.

Description: This is a traditional old cowboy folk instrumental.Ideal for western cowboy settings.

Description: Melody sounds in the old style,ease and a little sad,guitar with reverse reverb tails

Description: This is very positive and powerful western dance track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include different bright instruments – electric guitar, synth, bass, drums, fx, pad etc…This inspiring cowboy fast track can be used anywhere – as an inspirational music, background for websites, advertising, in flash old style games and movies, documentary scientific films, business presentations and projects, podcast, slideshows, news, telecasts, about nature, space etc…

Description: A short happy uplifting piano rag.Ideal for 20s-40s underscore,cues.Keystone Cops,silent film.Old west cowboys.