Description: Mentally, fast forward to the good old days, when passions were brighter and the grass was greener, suitable for a variety of applications in the field of sound design

Description: A catchy Tex-Mex style instrumental with searing slide guitar, mandolin and accordions, upbeat and different!

Description: Welcome to the Wild Wild West , ideal for film, tv episodes and tv commercials. Major Networks including CBS and NBC have licensed the music of Nicholas Tindall.

Description: A short happy piano rag.Ideal for 1920s-40s cues.Keystone Cops.Silent films.Underscore.

Description: An expansive frontier landscape drawn by orchestra, featuring hints of tribal percussion.

Description: Atmospheric, then rather swinging, instrumental composition for flute, sparse (somewhat choral) vocals, and guitar.

Description: a short mood setter with insects and native flute.

Description: acoustic,moody,waiting,praying,scared,times up,time running out.

Description: acoustic,old west,moody,creepy,alone,last hour.