Description: This piece is suitable as a theme or background music for an Old West, Western, Wild West or Frontier type film. It features the French Horn and includes castanets, harmonica, a male choir and other classic Old West sounds.

Description: The quintessential sound of the early settlers

Description: A western-flavored piece scored for concert band.

Description: spaghetti western score in the style of ennio morricone.

Description: Ideal for video games and films with Western-themed

Description: Sweeping, Copelandesque, trumpet solos, grandeur

Description: acoustic,eerie,mellow,memories, remeniss, old west.

Description: An orchestral mix of classic, epic Westerns and the cinematic emotion of sleeping under the Texas stars, "Lone Star Adventure" is an outstanding piece for any cowboy or cowgirl project. Whether you're showcasing an evening at the rodeo or just a looooooooooong road trip through Texas, this is the adventurous track you need.

Description: music is written in the old style, the memories of the past, and will come in handy in life, in the field of sound design, and more, in this recording guitar playing violin bow