Description: western ballad style, inspired by the spaghetti westerns, film italiano Ringo.

Description: A jazz cowboy tune with a gospel touch featuring piano,electric piano, guitar, B3 organ, fiddle, bass and drums.

Description: Famous ragtime piece written by Scott Joplin that was a composer and musician, the most famous of the genre ragtime

Description: Shenandoah- grandiose big Western thematic; ""Red River Valley"" and ""Clementine""- harmonica, fiddle, banjo; ""Home on the Range""- full orchestra, sentimental; ""Tombstone""- harmonica, guitar; ""Shenandoah"" (reprise)- big orchestra, proud.

Description: A catchy Tex-Mex style instrumental with searing slide guitar, mandolin and accordions, upbeat and different!

Description: Classic Western melodic track with spaghetti guitars, whistles, harmonica musical short elements in Ennio Morricone style. You can easily imagine a lonely cowboy with dusty boots and cigar in his mouth slowly riding in a hot prairie.

Description: Rock western outlaw distorted guitar weirdness

Description: Music in the old style, used in recording guitar playing violin bow,Suitable for various applications in the field of sound design.

Description: Catchy, Unique and Dance Worthy!

Description: A positive, warm and welcome cowboy tune without drums, featuring piano, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.