Description: Classical news flash loop. Great for important news.

Description: An energetic bubbling high tech arpeggio synthesizer for indents, logos, news screen, data, credits, and suspense in video productions. It has a fast syncopated melodic rhythmic pattern and swirling frequency swells. Key of C 528hz solfeggio tuning, 108bpm.

Description: A short sketch on orchestral instruments for the jingle between scenes, programs on television and radio news broadcasts. Usefull for ringtone, jingle, screensaver.

Description: The sound of News (Small single hit) for a news show or current affairs programme. It symbolises a top class news agency and the tune instils a sense of seriousness, but also tension as it builds up for the news that is to come.

Description: It is a modern, ambient and clean logo. Possibly for TV, web and radio production, after effect projects, TV screensavers, stingers, idents. Well suited for something spinning in the frame.

Description: Dramatic and bright with driving orchestral elements create an optimistic and inspirational news track.

Description: Commercial logo that fits a variety of applications. Electronic nature with soft pads, bells, violins and piano.