Description: Dramatic , Sailing the Seas, Instrumental

Description: Busting a meth lab, diverting a terrorist strike or just breaking some evening news, this intensely urgent piece is the perfect soundtrack for shadowy figures.

Description: A powerful and familiar sounding news theme, featuring orchestral instrumentation such as strings, drums and brass mixed with modern electronic rhythms and textures. Perfect for news, corporate and documentary presentations.

Description: Energetic music is well suited for reading aloud newscasts. Music combines the rhythm of drum & bass and orchestral sound

Description: It is smart and easy D&B track appropriate for background, video and any other visual and audio projects

Description: This motivational strong composition is full of positive dramatism and fits for various visual, audio, media, public and commercial purposes.

Description: Action packed, energetic and edgy instrumental for breaking news or investigation. Modern, pulsing themesong for shows like CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox or ESPN. Dramatic, hard hitting sports and action themes. Motivational corporate branding, ad campaign, corporate video, high tech or scientific discoveries.

Description: News background motivational theme for you projects

Description: An upbeat and grandiose driving fanfare news style track featuring a hard biting string synth backed by a power rock trio and horn kicks. A plucky synth comes in on the bridge as a counter balance to the composition. Useful track for broadcasts as an under bed for visual displays, video games, news. Instrumental, Sports Music, Sports Network TV Rock

Description: Orchestral News Theme Loop-able music bed.