Description: great feel for background, production, video, introduction, etc. stronger start than other versions. nice long fade for transition to next segment.

Description: tv broadcast design score - part of the abatoir dream collection.

Description: powerhouse news theme with a classic network vibe.

Description: This is an powerful, driven news theme that is great for podcasts, product reviews, news, and other productions that need an exciting and emotive backing track. Good for technology adverts, reviews and other promotional videos. Features synth arpeggios, a simple bass line, a sting for beginning and ending your production as well

Description: news and information cue, horns, trumpets with an ostinato base, intense and bright.

Description: a slow and sweeping beginning and then strait into a pumping orchestral-driven anthem. good for sports, news, etc.

Description: Powerful, pulsating, insistent theme for all aspects of news programming. Features rhythmic news style pulse, marcato strings, big brass section and powerful bass pian. Main mix, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: Song is like a clouds that desapears in the sky, making figures. Perfec for your presentations and projects :) If you want you may use this track like a loop

Description: orchestral film score on a tv newscast theme, featuring horns & strings.

Description: A jazzy song for the titles or weather report. Great for radio and TV news.