Description: Positive, upbeat alternative rock with driving guitars, modern synthesizers and drums. Conveys feelings of adventure, competitions and energy.

Description: A brief music bed, perfect for radio updates and alerts. Seamless looping.

Description: Chill out Action music with voacl samples for your project

Description: Powerful and energetic theme for breaking news, sports or trade news. Strong melody is created with piano, strings, synthesizer and glockenspiel.

Description: Scientific, digital score track would fit for TV investigative series or drama. This electronic jingle would fit perfectly for any TV crime story or FBI films. Instruments included are Echo Synths, Pads, & MPC Drums.

Description: Music for news broadcast, television and more. Orchestral arrangement with trumpets, strings, timpani percussion, cellos and trombones.

Description: This track is a simple music bed for news ending credits or weather temperature reports, local, national, cable. Light electric piano theme accompanied by various percussive patterns and mild synth and voice lines. Instrumental, News, News Music

Description: Music for news broadcast with modern synths sounds and orchestral instruments.

Description: advertising, blip, breaking news, broadcast, commercials, cymbals, index, news, opening, orchestral, premiere, radio, related, strings, television, thrill, timpani, trumpets, student, bulletin, information, intelligence, info, weather, intermission, forecast, network, jingle,