Description: An upbeat big band jazz track with high energy, horns and drums. A great pace and feel!

Description: A wonderful Olympic and sports theme fully orchestrated with upbeat and softer sections. The full package is great for television.

Description: A regal and important sounding fully orchestrated track highlighted by french horns, soaring strings and orchestral snares.

Description: A wonderfully orchestrated track led by soaring string lines and french horn melodies supported by flutes and harp.

Description: light pop, piano, and guitar, melody, upbeat and fun, brass section, laid back feel in drums

Description: A light and smooth pop track with nice guitar and piano melodies. A funky groove and organ pads help out as well.

Description: A beautiful and patriotic track that will add an abundance of emotion and pride. Fully orchestrated and played amazingly.

Description: rock, pop, high energy, sports, brass melody, broadcast, heavy guitar, aggressive, fast moving

Description: new age, dramatic, motivational, uplifting, french horns, tubular bells, orchestral, piano, pulsating, emotional, heavy guitar, chords

Description: An energetic big band track filled with excitement and joy.