Description: Brass logo for TV, Radio ,websites, videos , flash. Opening Logo ,Company, Notifications , Intros, Intro, Endings, Ending, Presentation, Corporate, Business,Commercial, News

Description: Dramatic and bright with a mixture of orchestral and electronic elements create an optimistic and inspirational news track.

Description: The Special presentation theme (short bumper)

Description: Audio logo with piano and synth effects. Great for business logo, news stinger, corporate openers, tech projects and company idents.

Description: A modern ambient short logo with elements of electronic and glitches.

Description: An energetic bubbling high tech arpeggio synthesizer for indents, logos, news screen, data, credits, and suspense in video productions. It has a fast syncopated melodic rhythmic pattern, string and synthesizer pads. Key of E in 444hz tuning, 108bpm.