Description: a slow and sweeping beginning and then strait into a pumping orchestral-driven anthem. good for sports, news, etc.

Description: Punchy, insistent and driving news and current affairs theme or 30sec commercial. Features insistent string rhythm, big solid piano chords, punctuated with timps. 30sec full mix and 30sec lite mix versions

Description: 80's inspired road warrior-esque theme:60.

Description: News background theme for your video

Description: Great for video and documentaries, corporate branding, ad campaigns, data, Technology, business development, science documentary, website, TV show.

Description: Positive, energetic music for news with drums, percussion, bass, strings and synth

Description: Pulsing with orchestral elements, a mood of intrigue, adventure and time sensitive urgency depicting a newsroom scene.

Description: Urgent and insistent news flash or big announcement. Features brass and strings with intro and outro sounders with softer middle bed. Perfect for actual news flash or for spoof news commercial. 30sec full version, also intro and outro available without bed.

Description: A short and powerfull song for news titles or intro for TVshows or Radio Stations