Description: This futuristic and relaxing music contains digital crystal synth elements, arpeggios and pads, beat and percussion elements, warm soft piano and fx. It is very suitable for weather forecasts and reports, financial and economic news, technology and innovation reviews, but may also work as a great background music for a wide range of promotional media, business and corporate, advertising, television reports, fashion, medical presentations, announcements, slideshows, and other TV or broadcast projects.

Description: Song is like a clouds that desapears in the sky, making figures. Perfec for your presentations and projects :) If you want you may use this track like a loop

Description: A brief music bed, perfect for radio updates and alerts. Seamless looping.

Description: powerful news and sports opening

Description: Modern electronic track for news, podcasts, videos and presentations.

Description: a slow and sweeping beginning and then strait into a pumping orchestral-driven anthem. good for sports, news, etc.

Description: an intro for a radio show. meant to have the introducer introduce the show overtop of the music.