Description: This is an powerful, driven news theme that is great for podcasts, product reviews, news, and other productions that need an exciting and emotive backing track. Good for technology adverts, reviews and other promotional videos. Features synth arpeggios, a simple bass line, a sting for beginning and ending your production as well

Description: 80's inspired road warrior-esque theme:60.

Description: News background theme for your video

Description: Pulsing with orchestral elements, a mood of intrigue, adventure and time sensitive urgency depicting a newsroom scene.

Description: Bright and optimistic with an 80's newsroom sound, drum loops and strings create a scene of determination.

Description: Underlying rhythmic groove ties suspenseful and drama together creating an investigative and adventurous mood.

Description: Dramatic and bright with a mixture of orchestral and electronic elements create an optimistic and inspirational news track.