Description: Media logo. Perfect for youtube videos, videohive projects, workout videos, openers, presentation, optimistic, inspiring, and corporate projects.

Description: Short and simple logo for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

Description: Sunny and Mild is a music cue played by a string quartet that has a positive and upbeat vibe. Music designed for weather report TV segments, Wall Street Report, financial and business TV segments, art gallery music, art music, etc.

Description: A music cue for showing last events

Description: A modern ambient short logo with elements of electronic and glitches.

Description: instrumental T.v track smooth and playful

Description: great T.v opening track , for all use

Description: This is a cool logo intro with solemn timpani and brass

Description: Using of this music possible in cinema. Simple logo sound for WEB -sites, videos etc. Opening of the page of the site, logo TV and radio, ring-tone for mobile telephone, in & Out, start or Final, change, opening or closing the page in site, flash-design in PC. Window opening.

Description: This is a very synth heavy news segment introduction logo featuring very catchy melodies that can be easily looped to provide a compelling news segment on radio or video. It has a mood of action, and moving information, use everywhere.

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