Description: Heavenly music whith birds' singing, a beautiful, dreamy and magical one.

Description: This simple positive harp thing is full of feeling the beauty and harmony everybody so needs in…

Description: Small kind fairy tale straight out from childhood! Just guitar ballad in neoclassic style.

Description: Just a lyrical piano playing at a quiet evening of the nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Description: This new age piano piece is swift, fluctuating, changeable, agitated and sentimental. It's full of emotions and expectation something magical, uncommon. Fit for films, video or performances, especially for scenes of metamorphoses or any changes.

Description: Just short sad tune played electric piano...

Description: This slightly sad and expressive harp playing can help you to create really nostalgic atmosphere of journey on the waves of memory!

Description: The melodious sentimental thing, played the harp.

Description: A clear stirring tune of little bells and the noise of the wind were used to create this lyric, slightly sentimental, exciting atmosphere. Fit for films or performances.