Description: An expansive new age downtempo relaxing "trippy" chill out groove. A soundscape that propels the listener through a meditative journey. A solid ostinato bass line and an electro 2-step house beat is the bed for melodic synths playing over the top. Great for spa, yoga, backgrounds, comfortable scenes

Description: Relaxed and slowing moving meditative track featuring a thick fretless bass, sparse elegant percussion and a soaring, dreamy chanting female vocal track. Beautiful atmosphere for lounge and spa useful as a background or theme for tv, film, radio, ambient music, podcasts, corporate, adverts, store.

Description: An extremely relaxed minor key mellow track featuring a classical acoustic nylon string guitar, an upright acoustic bass, a vibraphone and a mellow soft synthesizer. Smooth gentle and peaceful music for pensive scenes. Useful for tv, film, radio, ads, Animations, PowerPoint, Demos, Ringtones, Corp.

Description: An airy lightly floating new age jazz flavored track. An ethereal free time opening breaks into a gently moving minor melody lead on synthesizer accompanied by chill pads, bass and percussion. Useful for air play, film underscore or corporate communications, in-store and on-hold background music. Instrumental, New Age Music, New Age Electronic

Description: A quiet seething art rock piece with a slow build into a electronic melody with a open spacious atmosphere. Nice open sections followed by mellow rocking counterpoints. Useful for media projects, exploring sounds, nu jazz applications, modern adverts, movie themes and backgrounds peaceful moments.

Description: A eerie and mysterious track with a restless undertone, edgy, intelligent, jazzy latin pop fusion is a solid choice for sci-fi backgrounds, radio, tv or film themes involving suspense, anguish, the unknown, the occult by alternating spacious synth sections, tight electric guitar riffing, big bass sounds and sparse percussion

Description: Groove track with an attitude, a coolness, a smooth happiness and flow. Repeated vocal shouts and scats are used to progress the melody. A fat subby bass provides the bottom and an edgy solid drum beat keeps it light and danceable. Great music for lounge. backgrounds, slick, modern media projects

Description: A musical mantra space age new age downtempo chill groove track that enters gently and progresses slowly. Close your eyes and relax spa treatment type of music for background and peaceful settings and scenes. Supplies a fragrant and lush aural ambience for talk overs, advertisement, media projects.

Description: A cosmic journey through a downtempo ambient space track to relax your mind, body and spirit. Strong hypnotic melodic waves with smooth flowing synth pads, solid electric bass, into a reflective peaceful middle section and a recap ending with the lead soloist going off freely. Modern lounge, media.

Description: A relaxed and warm musical vibe featuring electric "strat" guitar lead, solid latin style bass lines, electric piano bringing in an asian riff and light and quirky latin percussion over a straight rock groove all blending into a new age fusion sound suitable for various creative media projects.

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