Description: a slow house beat and grooving bass back up the gentle sounds of the shakulute melody.

Description: swing jazz combo. Light jazz with a meditative ambient influence.

Description: mysterious and melodic; relaxing, improvisational; fantasy music.

Description: satori means an awakening – a moment of enlightenment. gentle wind, a beautiful flute melody, and keyboard sounds.

Description: Please enjoy the relaxation and warm textures of a fluid like ambient pad, mystical flute, distant watery piano, heavenly choir, synthesizer sound effects, and dynamic metaphysical feelings. This piece has a watery serene space with calming gentle lows and dynamic uplifting spirited fast paced highs that give renewal and a calm inner peace. This ambient background music is a great companion for meditation, yoga, spa therapy, or positive thinking inspiration.

Description: opens with a low, pulsing drone. a flute is heard echoing in the distance. slowly leading into gentle, echoey male "aahs". long, slow-moving track.

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