Description: worldbeat/new age with percussion and trumpet melody. electric piano.

Description: cool beat. muted trumpet melody, smooth jazz/electro hybrid.

Description: bright sounding track with piano and electronic elements.

Description: new age, electronic track. nice, smooth, cool beat., crisp flute melody and percussion elements.

Description: a delghtful new age piano piece.

Description: faster ballad, new age, acoustic/electric piano. very nice melody. acoustic guitar second half.

Description: a new age, world/modern piece. gentle, very uplifting and positive.

Description: new age with strong piano melody/hook acoustic steel string rhythm guitar, lush synth chords upbeat.

Description: beatiful and mysterious combination of electronic/orchestral. reed instruments and synth over an electronic ostinato line.

Description: acoustic guitar/electronic sounds, nice, slower tempo, world music hybrid.

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