Description: Opening with haunting solo piano, the piece builds when bass and ambient keyboards enter. This music will work well in a drama or romance film.

Description: A mellow, peaceful piano opening gives way to an uplifting, driving section with bass, drums, and soaring vocals.

Description: This hopeful song starts with piano and is joined by acoustic guitars, mandolin, and vocals. The song has a pastoral, folk-like feel and a catchy melody.

Description: This song features piano, mandolin, acoustic guitar, viola, and french horn. It has a pastoral, folk-like sound and is reminiscent of a carefree spring day.

Description: This upbeat, energetic song features piano, rhythm section, and ethereal wordless female vocals. The song is uplifting, joyous, and mysterious with a catchy melody and driving ending.

Description: Gentle, soft, and sweet, this track features piano, mandolin, guitar, and wordless female vocals. The music is carefree and relaxing and would work well in a sentimental moment of a film.

Description: New Morning is a lushly arranged, laid-back song featuring piano, wordless female vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and percussion. This song has a pastoral, folk-like sound and is catchy, melodic, and carefree.

Description: This soft, ethereal track features piano and bass and has a calming and mysterious mood.

Description: This upbeat, life-affirming track features piano, wordless female vocals, guitar, and mandolin. The song is both energetic and relaxing with a feel-good mood and catchy melody.

Description: This solo piano waltz is a thoughtful, pensive song in minor. The melody is haunting and conveys a heavy heart and sense of longing.

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