Description: a very mellow and tender waltz with piano, synthesizer, strings, french horns, acoustic guitar and electric piano.

Description: a mysterious yet hopeful waltz with vibes, electric piano, bass, guitar, flutes and cello.

Description: a haunting and melodic waltz with piano, bass and guitar.

Description: a very spiritual and warm waltz with piano, guitar, flute, vibes and bass.

Description: warm and calm this ballad with acoustic guitar & piano sets a scene of reverent peaceful times of long ago.

Description: A wistful minor key chopin-esque semi classical melody of sadness and remorse with piano, guitar, bass, strings and flute.

Description: A soft sad ballad in 3/4 time that seems to speak of another time long ago, yet still fresh in our collective memory. It features piano, guitar and alto flute.

Description: A surreal and ethereal tune that invites you to take a breath and slowly realize the important things in life. It features piano, guitar, electric piano, bass and flute.

Description: A slow and relaxed solo piano tune filled with tenderness.

Description: A very warm and reassuring tune with the feeling of confidence to overcome adversity with piano, vibes, flute and various strings.

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