Description: A lovely, mystical and tender music piece featuring glockenspiel, bells, windchimes, piano, synthesizer and keyboard.

Description: Suitable for movies,tv shows,video games and domumentaries.Choral female voices and piano melodies on rhytmic structure .Sad,emotional but lost and defeated.Trying to search for something missing.Perfect as background music.

Description: Bright, mysterious and spheric music with synthesizer and keyboard.

Description: Спокойная, расслабляющая мелодия, способствующая романтическому настроению.

Description: Groove track with an attitude, a coolness, a smooth happiness and flow. Repeated vocal shouts and scats are used to progress the melody. A fat subby bass provides the bottom and an edgy solid drum beat keeps it light and danceable. Great music for lounge. backgrounds, slick, modern media projects

Description: New age style piece good for nature documentary. It has a peaceful sound of the daily activities of a secluded rain forest.

Description: A very warm and natural track with acoustic steel guitar, piano and smooth strings. Beautiful background for a wide range of applications.

Description: This modern new age music has a very beautiful and peaceful presence. The echoing mallets are contrasted by an intelligent percussion arrangement that brings to mind the ocean and island style. This music works great for a wide variety of applications including travel, nature, business, ads, and much much more.

Description: Relaxed Electro New Age with deep Bass line

Description: Light airy guitar melody accompanied in a new age style.