Description: Short piece that begins with impressionist piano, then transitions to a hang drum groove with melodic fretless bass.

Description: Atmospheric impressionist piece with silky piano and Gerzung/Koto counterpoint. Piece builds slowly and emotionally to a large cello ensemble.

Description: Huge pulsing orchestral/synthesizer opening that moves to a silky guitar melody and an deeply emotional piano solo.

Description: Moody ambient piece featuring film-esque piano with the Indian bowed instrument the esraj. Overtone vocals and synth textures add to the mystery, beauty, and overall depth.

Description: Short solo flamenco guitar in a large ambient space. Piece is played freely, with a build up to an echo wash.

Description: This is a song full of good chillout sounds, voices and melodies amazing elegant. Contains guitar, bases chillout, low bass, piano.

Description: Atmospheric and enigmatic reflective ambient with oriental - Japanese feel. cinematic soundscape with mystical frozen piano melody. Contemplative, pensive mood, with romantic and hopeful ethereal dreams.

Description: Dreamy sentimenal, new age cineamtic music with guitar and synth sounds. Airy, flowing and meditative in a light soothing mood. Hopeful and humble, soft and sensitive with touch of psychedelic atmosphere. Pensive, delicate and reflective.

Description: A gorgeous piano travels through a dreamy cosmos of mystical delights creating a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. Designed for upscale ambiance, modern Muzak, health spas, meditation, relaxation, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, in-store music and new age themes.

Description: Smooth and melodic new age/jazz track that features bamboo flutes, melancholy electric guitar verses, and uplifting nylon string chorus. Piece ends with deep textures playing behind an acoustic bass and ocean waves.