Description: Mellow melodic piano instrumental and Wide guitar with a nice romantic Tape Piano. Light, breezy laid back atmospheric backdrop for commercial and corporate use, infomercials, commercial advertising, TV documentaries. Think soft travel to lounge music to moonlit dining to being in love.

Description: A lovely composition featuring Piano, Harp and guitar strums. Suitable for movie romantic scenes, adverts, many types of motivational and love projects, calm and beautiful backgrounds, peaceful environmental videos and more.

Description: This is bouncy and melodic composition featuring acoustic strummers, synthesized strings, tinkle piano, super glam and funky e-pianos and harpy Arps. Suitable for many types of projects like childrens advertisements, peaceful and bouncy production, happy and joyful backgrounds and presentations and much more.

Description: A positive, calm, heart warming and beautiful theme played by washed out acoustic guitars, Live lush strings, smooth and grand pianos, sweeties e-piano, synthetic heavenly paddies, timmies leading and heavenly vibes.

Description: This is a Ambient Lounge Chillout track. A warm and delicate ambient, pop crossover with a smooth, easy-going, warm and subtle mood. A repeating piano pattern is joined by light drums, bass, soft guitar and pads. Great for things like soft advertising, Commercials, and more.

Description: A Smooth and motivational Piano and Guitar Pop piece perfect for Corporate presentations and any other internet or multi-media project. Delicate, mellow, gentle, swirling, flowing, elegant, tranquil, gliding, airy, watery, aquatic, travel, fashion, prestige, status. Building nicely to a cascading climax to childrens projects.

Description: A haunting piano piece with an underwater effect. Modulates from major to minor keys with various sections.

Description: A cosmic journey through a downtempo ambient space track to relax your mind, body and spirit. Strong hypnotic melodic waves with smooth flowing synth pads, solid electric bass, into a reflective peaceful middle section and a recap ending with the lead soloist going off freely. Modern lounge, media.

Description: Floating, laid back track that fits with many types of your commercial presentation, romantic melodrama, new love backgrounds and much more.

Description: This track is little hard to categorize, 12-strings guitars bounced country effects, Arp give a bright and joyful environment and wipsy acoustic guitars and rich grand piano has a dramatic influence.