Description: Reflective and thoughtful track. Strings as a stream of water.

Description: A lovely piano music piece with acoustic guitars – tender, soft and sentimental. There are two different versions of this music piece: Angel Dream and Angel Dream (Drum Version).

Description: Mystical music with oriental instruments, strings, synthesizer, keyboard and percussion – dreamy, mysterious and relaxing.

Description: Hypnotic Acoustic groove with various reappearing melodies. Excellent for anything needing a steady but non intrusive background.

Description: New Age acoustic guitar and bass theme with solo section. Great for documentary or commercial.

Description: Light quiet downtempo track with lead piano, soft drums, space pad, ambient guitar. 110BPM, C-minor.

Description: Light downtempo track with airy pads, dreamy guitar, rhodes and piano, C-minor

Description: This slightly sad and expressive harp playing can help you to create really nostalgic atmosphere of journey on the waves of memory!

Description: A musical mantra space age new age downtempo chill groove track that enters gently and progresses slowly. Close your eyes and relax spa treatment type of music for background and peaceful settings and scenes. Supplies a fragrant and lush aural ambience for talk overs, advertisement, media projects.

Description: This is a Down-Tempo Chill-out track and an influence of Ambient and sadness. Elegant relaxing music. High fashion, sweet girlfriend, sunny drive, holding hands, morning coffee. Happy world view, friendship, clubbing with your pals, the good life...