Description: Relaxed New Age Composition

Description: A magical and positive theme that includes, vibrant guitar riffs and catchy piano solos, guaranteed to travel your soul far away where imagination and creativity thrives. Due to its inspirational, spiritual, upbeat energy and versatile character this is perfect for ads, corporate projects, and films. * This is the minimal piano version

Description: This simple positive harp thing is full of feeling the beauty and harmony everybody so needs in…

Description: A quiet seething art rock piece with a slow build into a electronic melody with a open spacious atmosphere. Nice open sections followed by mellow rocking counterpoints. Useful for media projects, exploring sounds, nu jazz applications, modern adverts, movie themes and backgrounds peaceful moments.

Description: A eerie and mysterious track with a restless undertone, edgy, intelligent, jazzy latin pop fusion is a solid choice for sci-fi backgrounds, radio, tv or film themes involving suspense, anguish, the unknown, the occult by alternating spacious synth sections, tight electric guitar riffing, big bass sounds and sparse percussion

Description: Beautiful sci fi composition with the piano, orchestral strings and dreamy childish solo violin melody. It creates a spacious landscape and sets the mood of melancholy and nostalgia. Perfect use as a film underscore. May also fit commercials and adverts about dreaming or remembering the past.

Description: In the deadly deserts after nuclear apocalypse, there's a city in which people survive in harmony and prosperity with robots and AI. This experimental track represents harmony within the ruins of past humanity.

Description: A peaceful melody following acoustic guitar solo. Fits with all types of peaceful backgrounds, bright and chillout morning advertisements and much more.

Description: A lovely chillout track followed by mallets, beats, and electric guitar. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: A calm and beautiful ambient/chillout track followed by lovely piano, electric guitar, special FX, and bells