Description: Grand And Expressive With Guitar Piano And Strings

Description: This music was composed for a meditation video. A spacey piece that has some dread and mystery. There are 13 pieces to the entire ""Moving Mandela"" works. This is 06. 58 bpm (approximately).

Description: New Age contemporary track, which features various Synth and Keyboards, Strings Bass and Special Effects. Great for Science and Space Documentaries, Espionage Law and Crime Theme Music, Gaming.

Description: An acoustic guitar oriented song with a lot of attitude and weight into it.

Description: Water Crystal With Guitar - new age. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects. Works great as background.

Description: Emotional new age chilling electronic song with piano, ideal for backgrounds, soundtracks and meditative moods

Description: Ambient, melodic piano theme with immersive soundscapes. Peaceful and calm.

Description: Glass piano and string relaxation

Description: chilled out fingerstyle guitar with strings. this would be suitable for romantic or landscape type scenes.