Description: This music was composed for a meditation video. A spacey piece that has some dread and mystery. There are 13 pieces to the entire ""Moving Mandela"" works. This is 06. 58 bpm (approximately).

Description: An acoustic guitar oriented song with a lot of attitude and weight into it.

Description: Water Crystal With Guitar - new age. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects. Works great as background.

Description: Emotional new age chilling electronic song with piano, ideal for backgrounds, soundtracks and meditative moods

Description: Ambient, melodic piano theme with immersive soundscapes. Peaceful and calm.

Description: Glass piano and string relaxation

Description: chilled out fingerstyle guitar with strings. this would be suitable for romantic or landscape type scenes.

Description: Subtle song performed on overdriven guitar and synthesizers. The full epic song, both instrumental and with vocals are also listed as separate files (look at my portfolio)

Description: Spirited track that moves slow and easy with an almost surrealistic hallucinatory feel. It has a tribal Native American Quality that features Wooden Flute. Early morning Yoga, Tai Chi or reflectionary transendental meditation programs or Soundscape usage. Free Flowing Carefree and Atmospheric. Instrumental, New Age Music, Atmospheres