Description: Sometimes you wish things could stay the same or The Way It Was This is a tender nostalgic song with a slight Celtic feel. The lead instrument is a live Penny Whistle masterfully played by Jim Farrelly with live Cello, Viola and Violin performed by Nick Curry and Kyle Wehner.

Description: Happy and light. A delightful piano piece.

Description: reverberating struck-gong tone set against flowing keyboards, later joined by lovely chorals and some delicate plucked strings. the music is simple, graceful and calming.

Description: This an instrumental journey which will start out with a single harp plucking . As this harp continues repeating it's simple melody more and more instruments are added until reaches a grand full sound. Later it will transition back to where it started.

Description: Piano with electric guitar melodies- starts soft then gets loud and climatic.Very emtional build up.

Description: plucked synth strings, twinkling bells, and assorted keyboards all flow together and the mood is again steeped in gentility and beauty.

Description: Acoustic guitar and synthesizers, this track starts out simple and grows into grand and lush as the start of a mountain climb culminates at the summit then back down again.

Description: Pop Ethnic New Age Industrial Light Moderate Medium Up-tempo Gentle Warm Friendly Exotic Human Happy Happiness Positive Confident Humorous Electric Piano Synthesizer Drums Bass Guitar Electric Guitar Flute Strings Percussion Interlude Background Intro Family Morning Travelling Moving American Young Contemporary Modern Industry Television TV.