Description: An acoustic guitar oriented song with a lot of attitude and weight into it.

Description: Heavenly music whith birds' singing, a beautiful, dreamy and magical one.

Description: Inspiring, Organic, Light, Illuminating, Orchestral, bright

Description: Yoga mantra soft and smooth

Description: Melody for a video game, or a video clip. The music depicts a rainy night. The main melody is the piano. Other effects surround it. (The track can be looped. But I did not do it).

Description: Electronics and live guitars, perfect for time-lapse

Description: a nice score for a film calm inspiring melodies good vibrations and elegant arrengement crafted with care

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and strings and pads. The music is relaxed and calm with a touch of melancholy. The style is very near to new age and folk and the rhythm is slow and quiet. The composition is leaded by a piano and an acoustic guitar and it's accompanied by some ethereal pads and orchestral strings.

Description: Brought in by rhythmical percussion which helps the simple ethereal chords of the background ebb and flow under the dreamy melody. Smooth but moving.

Description: A very subtle, smooth and relaxing music – perfect for a meditative background or background ambience.