Genres: Royalty Free Music , New Age

Description: Deep, meditative, relaxing music – perfect for a meditative background and projects related to healing, nature, mystery and mindfulness.

Description: A relaxed instrumental track with a guitar and piano, for your clips, presentations, songs and for any other purpose

Description: Romantic, Quiet, Intense and peaceful piano Track

Description: New Age contemporary track, which features various Synth and Keyboards, Strings Bass and Special Effects. Great for Science and Space Documentaries, Espionage Law and Crime Theme Music, Gaming.

Description: Instrumental music made for guitar and synthesizer. The composition is leaded by a dreamy guitar, and the style is very near to New Age and melodic Ambient music. the rhythm is calm and quiet, and the mood is positive and dreamy. This music fits very well on scenes with dreamy and contemplative situations, like nature in quiet and relaxed stages.

Description: An acoustic guitar oriented song with a lot of attitude and weight into it.

Description: Heavenly music whith birds' singing, a beautiful, dreamy and magical one.

Description: Inspiring, Organic, Light, Illuminating, Orchestral, bright

Description: Yoga mantra soft and smooth

Description: Melody for a video game, or a video clip. The music depicts a rainy night. The main melody is the piano. Other effects surround it. (The track can be looped. But I did not do it).