Description: mysterious and melodic; relaxing, improvisational; fantasy music.

Description: solo piano, reflective and contemplative.

Description: this piece reaches deep inside and evokes confidence. features shakalute, a shakuhachi/traditional flute hybrid. also smooth vocals conjuring the divine.

Description: a slow house beat and grooving bass back up the gentle sounds of the shakulute melody.

Description: new age instrumental acoustic spanish guitar. Passionate, ethnic, exciting..

Description: ambient sensibility and sparser instrumentation, as asynchronous bells and gongs reverberate over lush washes of synths and chorals.

Description: Old Friend has somewhat of a nostalgic feel of a long lost friends the song is a mid tempo acoustic guitar with the flute being the lead instrumental, accompanied by lush strings and vocals. Platinum Auddy winner

Description: as a rainbow appears and arrests our vision, so too does the production of this composition. aurally delightful as a rainbow is visual...

Description: opens with a low, pulsing drone. a flute is heard echoing in the distance. slowly leading into gentle, echoey male "aahs". long, slow-moving track.

Description: Acoustic guitar and sounds of falling snow in the background, this peaceful track is good for anything with winter and falling snow.