Description: A farewell song - sad, soft and tender with piano, cello and female vocals.

Description: Get up and achieve some attention! Futuristic ambient intro with strings leads to fast paced full kit percussion and a lively arpeggiated piano groove. Several different sections of dynamics and multilayered melodies all blend together for an very upbeat and energetic feel. A great soundtrack for various audio and visual applications.

Description: "Quiet Walk" it's a positive, nice track is associated with images of nature, camping, summer, advertising on TV. Begins with a happy ukulele, neilona guitar melodies and finger snaps. Later join the bells, a shaker, a simple piano, acoustic guitar, mandolin. In the end joined bass, bongos and simple drums.

Description: Thought provoking dramatic track with a calm relaxed contemplative feel, light and easy melody lines from an emotional oboe and french horn atop a combination of marimba and solid bass. Works well for Dramatic, Military, Suspense, Film and Television Productions. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Contemplative Music

Description: Great instrumnetal Dance tune with driving rhythm section and laid-back melodies. Easy-going summer feeling and relaxing mood. Funky keyboard riffs combined with cool synthesizer sounds

Description: This contemporary new age music is a relaxing blend of beautiful vibes and takes the listener on a serene journey. The bells ring out a peaceful and cool melody that dances as the flute lead creates a tranquil tone. This music is perfect for travel, ads, spa, relaxing, peace, spiritual, and much much more.

Description: Relaxing groove that sets the mood. Features a piano melody. Perfect for night-themed and romantic videos, commercials and background ambiance.

Description: Beautiful, serene background for reflective moods.

Description: Acoustic guitar piece, with a uptempo introduction that moves into a strong, uplifting and powerful melody that builds to a climax.

Description: Spiritual adventures for discovery and traveling through inner quests of fullfillment of time and space. A flight though the conscience mind. Electronic ambient chill out with transcendental bells and chimes. Serene one minute ambient intro leads into arpeggiated futuristic chill out groove with congas and light percussion.