Description: Instrumental New Age music with acoustic guitar & nature sounds(voices of forest,birds & etc.)

Description: This song is a relaxing, moving track. With the feel of a romantic walk along a moonlit beach. With waves gently brushing the shoreline.Ocean breeze is a sweet and moving piece featuring acoustic guitars accompanied by lush strings.

Description: an uplifting hand-drum groove, a triumphant flute melody and of atmospheric chords that melt your aura.

Description: A gentle, relaxing and dreamy music piece with percussion, piano, violins and lovely flute solo with panpipes – meditation music of Native Americans and south american Incas.

Description: a simple melody with acoustic guitar, developed into full orchestral presentation. very melodic, emotional, hopeful.

Description: Created specifically as Yoga music, the time and place for this recording is broad. It was produced, as is all Asoma Music, with prayer and an openness to serve the higher Good. It is contemporary sacred music. Whatever your choice of use for this music, open your heart and allow the healing power of Love to flow in and through you.

Description: Yoga, New Age Journey Through a Brooke Filled Forest.

Description: extremely placid, enhanced by the sounds of water. also features the shakulute and some acoustic guitar with restful voices.