Description: as a rainbow appears and arrests our vision, so too does the production of this composition. aurally delightful as a rainbow is visual...

Description: This piece with guitar and orchestra is a substantially shortened version of the original. If you are into New Age or ambience you might like it!

Description: used for modern dance company in a spiritual-innspired performance.

Description: This instrumental has acoustic guitar with electric guitar melodies.Very grand ,and emotional it builds into lush visual imagery.

Description: This lush romantic instrumental music starts with solo piano and builds into dramatic , epic imagery .Very powerful .

Description: Piano with electric guitar melodies- starts soft then gets loud and climatic.Very emtional build up.

Description: This spacey instrumental.sounds spooky like the landing of alien space craft.

Description: Acoustic guitar with flute this is a wispy , joyful track full of optimism.