Description: Traditional American guitar music with a bluesy, western feel. Gentle electric and acoustic guitars, piano, bass, light drums.

Description: Sci Fi, Technological, Futuristic, Mysterious, in a Reflective, Mysterious mood, featuring Piano, Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: harp and strings melodically building

Description: Enjoy the aching beauty of the sunrise on a clear day. Acoustic guitar duo.

Description: harp and flute melodies continually rising.

Description: acoustic guitar with bass riff building to percussive mid-section

Description: Take a trip to ancient Stonehenge with this rhythmic and dramatic early folk piece. Acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, percussion.

Description: new age instrumental ideal for rolling credits in a video or film production.

Description: New Age, Peaceful, Relaxed, Soft, Tender, Gentle, in a Reflective mood, featuring Synth, Bass, with a Slow tempo

Description: A Light guitar riif accompanies a soft electronic track with very light percussion that comes and fades away into the windy open night sky. Great for use in background of dramatic and emotional films. By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.