Description: Acoustic guitar and sounds of falling snow in the background, this peaceful track is good for anything with winter and falling snow.

Description: Solo Acoustic Guitar music with ethereal synth pad perfect for meditation, prayer, or relieving stress and refreshing for soul and spirit. Also works well for physical therapy, yoga, hospital and wellness campaigns, corporate multi-media and documentaries

Description: as a rainbow appears and arrests our vision, so too does the production of this composition. aurally delightful as a rainbow is visual...

Description: Piano with electric guitar melodies- starts soft then gets loud and climatic.Very emtional build up.

Description: atmospheric background music with an exquisite piano arrangement forming an elegant and sophisticated musical environment.

Description: bright sounding track with piano and electronic elements.

Description: pretty piano feature with strings.

Description: Sci Fi, Ambient, Atmospheric, Floating, Flowing, Technological, Futuristic, Spacey, Mysterious, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, with a Slow, Free tempo

Description: Enjoy the aching beauty of the sunrise on a clear day. Acoustic guitar duo.