Description: atmospheric background music with an exquisite piano arrangement forming an elegant and sophisticated musical environment.

Description: Ambient and restful, yet apprehensive and uncertain, the constantly changing weather and seasons. Ideal of natural world, nature, or human emotion tv and documentary. Main mix, lite mix, 60, 30 and 12 sec versions

Description: contemplative and pretty solo piano.

Description: atmospheric ,ethereal, magical, panoramic

Description: Two acoustic guitars. Spanish motifs. Fast tempo. Positive.

Description: This upbeat, life-affirming track features piano, wordless female vocals, guitar, and mandolin. The song is both energetic and relaxing with a feel-good mood and catchy melody.

Description: A soft and peaceful, uplifiting inspirational acoustic track with an organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano, warm string pads and tasteful modern percussion of airy snaps, shakers and claps. Perfect for TV nature documentaries, nature product advertising or simply as great background music for videos, slide shows, presentations or holiday video footage.

Description: Perfect for meditation, yoga, spa, massage or spiritual seeking sessions. All instruments are tuned at 432Hz, the frequency that synchronises with the sound of Nature.