Description: 'together, around the sun' had only a working title until just before i went into final production, though i always had a celestial interpretation ...

Description: pleasantly midtempo rhythm, gentle bells, electronic instrumentals, and the feel of wandering down a wooded path, exchanging greetings with passing strangers.

Description: Very peaceful and melodic solo acoustic guitar.

Description: “Hauntingly beautiful, imaginative, cinematic, emotive and relaxing. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the music of Michael Samson. His music will reach deep into your soul, expressing the inexpressible...”

Description: Pathways is an introspective song featuring piano, shimmering acoustic guitars, and percussion. The song is optimistic and reflective with a haunting, catchy piano melody.

Description: Music inspired by the human energy system to invigorate the senses. Each track is related to a specific energy center (chakra). Used for meditation, healing sessions, chakra work. The unique music can also be used for media presentations. Soothingly haunting!

Description: An expansive new age downtempo relaxing "trippy" chill out groove. A soundscape that propels the listener through a meditative journey. A solid ostinato bass line and an electro 2-step house beat is the bed for melodic synths playing over the top. Great for spa, yoga, backgrounds, comfortable scenes

Description: Relaxing, Slow paced.. Ideal for meditation and therapy background music. Key: A, BPM: 60 Enjoy!

Description: mysterious and melodic; relaxing, improvisational; fantasy music.

Description: Picked guitars and breathy flute melody with sweeping choral passages evoking a dramatic rural scene.