Description: the dynamic instrumental melodic, easy listening track with main piano theme, and whistle sampled sound, sweet music for the film.

Description: Soft Core Powwow is a contemporary re mix of Native powwow music. With beautiful musical soundscapes, sacred chanting and traditional hand drumming. Relaxing but stirring

Description: A pianist and composer who believes that he can communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air... Passionate, powerful, moving, uplifting, inspiring, hopeful, romantic, dramatic, cinematic and emotive are just a few of the words that describe the music of this eminent artist.

Description: ambient sensibility and sparser instrumentation, as asynchronous bells and gongs reverberate over lush washes of synths and chorals.

Description: The mountains, the journey alone with nature!

Description: COMING FROM THE SOUL; reflects an exotic world in balance with the universe, musically drawn by powerful sounds that lead us little by little into a multi-instrumental climax. That ecstasy that reminds us from time to time, the most sublime places in India and its charming culture

Description: New Age Ethnic Track with real FLute and real percussion, it reminds of forest, nature ad fairies

Description: new age instrumental landscape images. Acoustic finger bstyle guitar. An aron Copland type of country instrumental.

Description: A beautiful meditative and relaxing journey.