Description: This is spiritual suspense music for mysterious places and events. It has exotic feelings and a veiled mystery like mist clearing from a high mountain pass to reveal a tense uncertainty. It includes an om drone foundation with a darker minor mode choir melody, a swirling singing bowl, mystical flute, wind chimes, and tibet transcendental bells. Uses can include yoga, reike, meditation, mysterious mental intrigue, and relaxation.

Description: A swirling dynamic primordial cloud condenses into a ambient choir of benevolent deities who raise their heavenly voices in approval to herald the awakening of life. The harp bioform learn and echo the examples taught, growing, searching, and expanding finally being one with the universe, at peace and in harmony. This is a wonderful new age ambient relaxation and meditation piece that can be used for yoga or similar activities.

Description: instrumental song that makes you think the flow of water

Description: This is a wonderful musical story with an ambient intro and ending surrounding a dynamic and adventurous full production ensamble. Includes tasteful and uplifting flute melodies, bells, complex arpeggiated synthesizer grooves, and drum kit. Great for documentary scenery or the wonders of nature.

Description: Chilling winds blow bouncy arpeggiated ice bell crystals echoing to a fatasy choir of spirits. A mellow but lucid feel for discovery and the wonders of nature. This has a hypnotizing and relaxing feel like snowfalling in slow motion.

Description: New Age Dramatic track with Guitar, beautiful sax, bass, flowing piano and cymbals. Great for PBS Cable style commercial and Science and Animal documentaries. Rich flowing harmonies intertwine with sprinkles of the guitars intervallic designs. Film and Television Commercial Internet music, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music

Description: Emotional dreamy instrumental power ballad with (no) guitar. Slow moving melodies performed by synths counter each other as Bass and Drum holds down a tight beat Great for dark scenes, majestic, mideval or New corporate technology branding commercial. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Electronic Ambient Music

Description: Textured Harmonic Chill Music suitable for background ambient style productionsWeather Channel, Cable News Breaks and Corp Technology and Medical Research. Laid back spacy airy grove featuring synth bass and drums, Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate New Age Electronic Music

Description: Acoustic Guitar lead and counter melody with a driving jazzy latin beat, airy, depicting emotions. Fun, carefree, whimsical, easy, bright track ideal for happy beach scenes, beach parties, outdoor sidewalk cafes, shopping. Sunny, sexy, playful, flirtatious scenes. Sea sand, light happy & flowing. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Smooth Jazz

Description: Spirited track that moves slow and easy with an almost surrealistic hallucinatory feel. It has a tribal Native American Quality that features Wooden Flute. Early morning Yoga, Tai Chi or reflectionary transendental meditation programs or Soundscape usage. Free Flowing Carefree and Atmospheric. Instrumental, New Age Music, Atmospheres