Description: A eerie and mysterious track with a restless undertone, edgy, intelligent, jazzy latin pop fusion is a solid choice for sci-fi backgrounds, radio, tv or film themes involving suspense, anguish, the unknown, the occult by alternating spacious synth sections, tight electric guitar riffing, big bass sounds and sparse percussion

Description: Beautiful sci fi composition with the piano, orchestral strings and dreamy childish solo violin melody. It creates a spacious landscape and sets the mood of melancholy and nostalgia. Perfect use as a film underscore. May also fit commercials and adverts about dreaming or remembering the past.

Description: A peaceful melody following acoustic guitar solo. Fits with all types of peaceful backgrounds, bright and chillout morning advertisements and much more.

Description: A lovely chillout track followed by mallets, beats, and electric guitar. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: A calm and beautiful ambient/chillout track followed by lovely piano, electric guitar, special FX, and bells

Description: A lovely delightful track followed by awaken piano, dream guitars doxing pads,viterous bells, bass, cello and midnight beats. Fits with all types production who need a calm and beautiful bright environment and also for natural like projects and production.

Description: Bright and peaceful chillout melody that may fits all types of natural projects, calm backgrounds and bright production and much more.

Description: A Lovely chillout track followed by guitars, pads, piano, bells, synth. Fits with all types of natural production, ad, commercials and much more.

Description: A peaceful chillout melody followed by Acoustic Guitar, Shakers, E-piano, Piano, Beats, Pads and synth. Suitable for many types of projects

Description: A bright and animated easy-listening chill-out track contains piano, sax, guitar, fast forward mallets, flutes and percussion. Fits all types of production including festival backgrounds and much more.