Description: “Hauntingly beautiful, imaginative, cinematic, emotive and relaxing. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the music of Michael Samson. His music will reach deep into your soul, expressing the inexpressible...”

Description: Innocent and pretty melody, sweet and simple chimes introduce a sweeping string section that warms the track, sparse piano keys add depth. Very relaxing, clean and pure. Perfect for advertising, commercial and will work well for corporate use.

Description: in the depths of the sea the placton lives, perfect for bacground, suggest microorganisms and other little lifes forms.

Description: Quiet, contemplative guitar music with the sound of ocean waves and bird singing - perfect for relaxation, meditation and background music.

Description: Acoustic guitar and sounds of falling snow in the background, this peaceful track is good for anything with winter and falling snow.

Description: New Age Ethnic Track with real FLute and real percussion, it reminds of forest, nature ad fairies

Description: An emotional theme with piano, guitar, choir and strings.

Description: Sometimes you wish things could stay the same or The Way It Was This is a tender nostalgic song with a slight Celtic feel. The lead instrument is a live Penny Whistle masterfully played by Jim Farrelly with live Cello, Viola and Violin performed by Nick Curry and Kyle Wehner.

Description: Happy and light. A delightful piano piece.