Description: Relaxed Soundtrack music with classical guitar lead

Description: Relaxed Soundtrack music in style of Chillout

Description: Sentimental Relaxing Trailer.waInstrumental music made for piano and relaxing pads and low orchestral strings. This music has a slow rhythm and the mood is calm and relaxing. The style is very near to new age and ambient music, and fits very well in situations with calm and relaxing topics, with some point of sentimentalism, as a background. Also can works perfectly as a Soundtrack in films with emotional situations, and little action.v

Description: Instrumental music made for guitar and synthesizer. The composition is leaded by a dreamy guitar, and the style is very near to New Age and melodic Ambient music. the rhythm is calm and quiet, and the mood is positive and dreamy. This music fits very well on scenes with dreamy and contemplative situations, like nature in quiet and relaxed stages.

Description: Dreamy Soul is a relaxing, lovely and delightful piece of music with guitars, piano, percussion and bells - new age music for relaxation, meditation, yoga, reiki, recreation, healing, peace, silence and recovery.

Description: Relaxed Instrumental Pop with feel of Childs Innocence

Description: An acoustic guitar oriented song with a lot of attitude and weight into it.

Description: Simple meditation sound with beats like heartbeats

Description: Relaxing electronic synth meditation with birds, teardrops and other nature sounds.

Description: Relaxing, smooth meditation with a few instruments

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