Description: A careful , gentle and curious opening leads in to a peaceful moving and slightly curious vibe

Description: atmospheric ,ethereal, magical, panoramic

Description: Monastery In Tibet - new age. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: This modern new age music has a very beautiful and peaceful presence. The echoing mallets are contrasted by an intelligent percussion arrangement that brings to mind the ocean and island style. This music works great for a wide variety of applications including travel, nature, business, ads, and much much more.

Description: Flowing and pure ambient new age track. easy going, dreamy and calm. Hopeful instrumental underscore with light keyboards, beat and cello. Tranquil, soft and ethereal. best for spa, relaxation and peaceful vacation presentation. Hotel lobby lounge, and serene laid back soundtrack.

Description: New Age, Flowing, Peaceful, Relaxed, in a Reflective mood, featuring Piano, Flute, Oboe, with a Mid tempo

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