Description: Laid back contemporary instrumental which features airy piano intro shortly joined thereafter by a slick modern Bass and Drum grove and a smooth jazzy Peter White style guitar. Fits well with TV and Film Crime Drama, Technology and Science Beginning and Ending Credits, Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr

Description: Bright, warm and emotional track featuring delayed electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, strings and bass. Very heartfelt, thoughtful and romantic.

Description: Optimistic, inspirational and motivational track with harmonics, piano, warm pad, guitars, drums, bass. A good background for corporate videos, business presentations, image contents, successful and contemporary visuals, commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv and web adverts.

Description: Ambient music, soft and calm but with passion and intensity.

Description: Please enjoy the relaxation and mysterious places found in the soothing ambiance of a rainstorm. The sojourn begins in a heavy rain with distant thunder peals and Tibetan bells echoing through the mist. It then leads to hypnotic layering of melodic lines and bells. As the rain begins to taper off the music grows into a reoccurring theme played with complimentary pads of mystic flute, warm strings, droning heart pulse alpha wave, and a swirling texture of mist. This is a very imaginative and suspenseful ambient piece for mysterious events or nature and is a great companion for relaxation, yoga, a foundation vehicle for positive thinking, or similar meditative activities.

Description: Here's a upbeat background track that's full of outgoing exuberance for life! It has an electrifying underscore of synthesizer acoustic guitar that sets the uplifting mood for the entire piece. The congas, egg shaker, and percussion kit groove drive the spirits higher to unite with an uplifting angelic chorus. It builds up more with a fast paced grand piano arpeggio and crescendos with a magical orchestral ensemble in unison with the piano that will surely get feet moving and good cheers for all. This track has an unmistakable feeling good to be alive attitude! Key of C at 100 beats per minute melodic new age spiritual chillout.

Description: Amir Snami & Alex Volk - Summer rain dream.wav

Description: Vadim Kiselev - Sky beautiful

Description: Perfect music for Channels like : National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, and more...

Description: Reflective and regretful this song is tender and loving with just a hint of hope featuring piano, bowed bass, acoustic guitar, strings and woodwinds.