Description: 57 one of the many names of god is invoked over a calming acoustic guitar pattern and enhanced by the richness of the shakulute.

Description: music by kamuran ebeoglu length : 5:21 formated : mp3/192kbps size : 3.50 mb.

Description: artist : kamuran ebeoglu genremusic by kamuran ebeoglu length : 4:27 formated : mp3/192kbps size : 6.13 mb.

Description: highly expressive new age music for violin piano and percussion. great for soundtracks (romance, drama, travel, landscape) among other things. peaceful and serene,.

Description: Betrayal is a Auddy award winning song. This somewhat melancholy tune is about deep seated pain one may have after being betrayed. As Jesus was at the last supper by his friend and disciple Judas.

Description: a smooth creamy lead melody matched by a piano are featured here on top of hand drums as well as voices chanting.

Description: harp arpeggios and lush synth pads provide the backdrop to a gong melody.

Description: 'together, around the sun' had only a working title until just before i went into final production, though i always had a celestial interpretation ...