Description: The song starts as solo piano and gradually builds with bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, and percussion. The song is hopeful with an energetic ending.

Description: this is just a really nice instrumental song

Description: This upbeat contemporary new age music uses hypnotic melodies and really creates beautiful sound. The peaceful bell leads are complimented by a whispering melody that really strikes a chord. It is perfect for traveling, spa, relaxation, documentary, commercial, business, and much much more.

Description: electronic and orchestral textured composition with asian and impressionistic colors.

Description: A mellow, peaceful piano opening gives way to an uplifting, driving section with bass, drums, and soaring vocals.

Description: light feel, atmospheric, thoughtful.

Description: “Hauntingly beautiful, imaginative, cinematic, emotive and relaxing. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the music of Michael Samson. His music will reach deep into your soul, expressing the inexpressible...”

Description: Peaceful cinematic Piano background music calm restrained for reflective settings. drama advertise TV/slideshow flash documentary etc. Comforting sad and moving. Sentimental soothing longing, Calm peaceful and reflective piano music. yoga, meditation, piano meditate, Atmospheric, einaudi, piano Background, piano Emotional, Longing, Nostalgic, Tender, Tranquil, affecting, beautiful, calming, cinematic, comforting, dram, long, relaxing, slow, solo, touching, warm, contemplative, piano dramatic, easy, elegant, peaceful, poignant, quiet, reflective, piano romantic, sad, piano searching, sincere, soothing, piano tranquil, piano, slow tempo

Description: This hopeful song starts with piano and is joined by acoustic guitars, mandolin, and vocals. The song has a pastoral, folk-like feel and a catchy melody.

Description: Fast paced and bright sounding solo acoustic guitar