Description: an uplifting hand-drum groove, a triumphant flute melody and of atmospheric chords that melt your aura.

Description: Created specifically as Yoga music, the time and place for this recording is broad. It was produced, as is all Asoma Music, with prayer and an openness to serve the higher Good. It is contemporary sacred music. Whatever your choice of use for this music, open your heart and allow the healing power of Love to flow in and through you.

Description: extremely placid, enhanced by the sounds of water. also features the shakulute and some acoustic guitar with restful voices.

Description: satori means an awakening – a moment of enlightenment. gentle wind, a beautiful flute melody, and keyboard sounds.

Description: 57 one of the many names of god is invoked over a calming acoustic guitar pattern and enhanced by the richness of the shakulute.

Description: a smooth creamy lead melody matched by a piano are featured here on top of hand drums as well as voices chanting.

Description: this piece reaches deep inside and evokes confidence. features shakalute, a shakuhachi/traditional flute hybrid. also smooth vocals conjuring the divine.

Description: a slow house beat and grooving bass back up the gentle sounds of the shakulute melody.

Description: a piano and guitar harmony is successful in delivering a sacred feeling evocative of a shamanic voyage, with the help of low chanting.

Description: the healing properties of this piece are in the space between the piano notes. there rest some of the secrets of happiness.