Description: A careful , gentle and curious opening leads in to a peaceful moving and slightly curious vibe

Description: This driving, ethereal composition features piano, electric guitar, and haunting wordless female vocals. The song is rhythmic and propulsive and is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and the Pat Metheny Group.

Description: Perfect for meditation, yoga, spa, massage or spiritual seeking sessions. All instruments are tuned at 432Hz, the frequency that synchronises with the sound of Nature.

Description: Brano tratto dall'album "Psikedelika" di Alaya

Description: Brano tratto dall'album "Psikedelika" di Alaya

Description: This peaceful new age music uses soothing bells and inspiring melody to bring a calm and relaxed vibe. The music is smart, and sophisticated while still leaving a minimal and positive experience. These qualities makes this music great for a wide variety of applications including nature, documentary, business, ads, presentation, travel, and much more.

Description: This modern new age music has a very beautiful and peaceful presence. The echoing mallets are contrasted by an intelligent percussion arrangement that brings to mind the ocean and island style. This music works great for a wide variety of applications including travel, nature, business, ads, and much much more.

Description: Calm relaxed Peaceful Meditation is calming meditative relaxing music for calm meditation relaxation , yoga, inner reflective moments. Soothing relaxing music with an calming peaceful atmosphere. Relaxing ethereal accompaniment to meditate relax to, inner reflections. Heavenly Choir, pads and piano in slow tempo peaceful relaxation, ambiance, affecting, beautiful, peaceful meditation background, calming, relaxing meditation music, cinematic, contemplative, meditation dreamy, easy, calm, meditation elegant, warm emotional, meditation atmosphere peaceful ethereal, meditation, eternity, heaven, longing, love, meditate, meditative, mellow, quiet,relaxation music, peaceful relax music, peace, peaceful, meditation piano, reflection, reflective, meditation relaxed, meditation relaxing, meditation sad, romantic, relax, sensual, slow, soft, solo, peaceful soothing, meditation slide show, tranquil, peaceful yoga, slow motion, slow tempo

Description: new age with beautiful female vocal in the style of Enya, about feeling good and be alright. Lush instrumentation, sweet harmonies. New Age,Ethereal,New Age,Enya Peaceful, beautiful,Enya calming,meditative, sincere, relaxed,meditative, reflective, Longing, Emotional, easy, elegant, inspirational, motivating, contemplative, Tender, cool, warm, Vibrant, Atmospheric, Sweet, Hopeful, positive, optimistic, successful, motivational, moving, Appealing, dreamy, Soothing, plain, laidback, tranquil, love, Enya romantic,Enya heart, romance, Enya background, soundtrack, underscore, New Age, Enya, vocal, song, voice, yoga, female

Description: Sci Fi, Ambient, Atmospheric, Floating, Flowing, Technological, Futuristic, Spacey, Mysterious, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, with a Slow, Free tempo

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