Description: A moody and reflective piano based Instrumental that immediately paints pictures in your imagination. Past memories flood the present. The imagery of ice and snow compound the nostalgic and reflective feelings. Perfect fit for modern stylish commercials o

Description: Meditational track with atmospheric pads, sitar, exotic bells, bamboo flute, hand percussion & Egyptian strings. Great for yoga, meditation, spa, wellness, relaxing. Travel Bollywood romance, relaxing but erotic, too. Rajas, Rainas, love affair, mystery,

Description: Beautiful, emotional piece played by piano, choir and synths. Has a warmth to it that touches a nerve in everybody. Dream-like piece that is inspirational and sentimental. Sounds similar to the music on the game Halo. Works perfect in game soundtracks,

Description: Touching, motivating and positive! A repetitive piano line constantly builds while soaring strings inspire, motivate and captivate the listener. This track is intended for uses involving self-discovery, personal satisfaction, the road to happiness, a reli

Description: New Age instrumental futuristic track featuring laid back nylon string guitar, electric piano, bass guitar, innovative synth lines and drums. Great track for News Programming, Television Commercial spots, Sports, Retail in-store, On Hold music. Chill and Relax Smooth Listening. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr

Description: This new age fusion combines a peaceful tone with elegant sophistication. The dreamy rhythms are complimented by a simple yet sleek melody, bass, percussion, and atmospheric pads. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including ads, travel, kinetic type, style, presentations, tv and more.

Description: Light Contemplative New Age composition, simple relaxed meditative atmospheric flow with simple synth and keyboard lines and gentle acoustic bass and strings this track would work nicely with News channels, Cable Weather Channel, Dramatic, Spa and Relaxation, Instrumental, News Music, News Music

Description: Delicate, dreamy ambient piece with floating, spacious synth pads. Great for spacey, new age, meditation background music.

Description: This electronic new age fusion music combines a peaceful vibe with echoing melodies to make an ethereal track that really sings. The synthesizers play a hypnotic sound while the bell ads a dreamy quality that makes this music perfect for a wide variety of projects including animation, nature, space, and more.

Description: This peaceful world music combines a modern new age style with a tranquil and relaxing vibe. The marimba and guitar melodies play a beautifully hypnotic melody while the bass adds a dynamic presence. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including travel, spa, vacation, ads, business and more.