Description: A peaceful and calm piece of music perfect for themes such as meditation, yoga, spa, new age, earth, Gaia, nature, healing, relaxation, etc. All instruments are tuned at 432 Hz, a frequency known to synchronise with that of Mother Nature.

Description: sounds like the famous singer a nice underscore

Description: A peaceful piece of music perfect for themes such as spa, yoga, meditation, new age, nature, universe, etc.

Description: A relaxed ambient tune with a lot of India vibes in it! With airy pads and tablas supporting sweet sitar and chant-like synth melodies, it is a perfect track for your meditation, yoga, spiritual and new-age videos or related activities.

Description: Inspiring and positive track with bass guitars, bells and subtle drums. Perfect for film or television transitional moments, advertising, motivational presentations, inspiring videos, team building exercises.

Description: pleasant melodic underscore echoes bouncing bubbles sparkling water eerie light original music by french pro composer never heard before no infinite loops always something new have a listen to the others tracks same name ABCD.... for more use in documentary 120 BPM for easy edits

Description: smooth instrumentals happy and nice

Description: A Light Mist is a new age music cue that is soothing and beautiful. Music designed for a spa environment as well as Chinese restaurant background music.

Description: A hybrid of Mediterranean, European and Middle Eastern music, where East meets West using authentic-melody-instruments, fused together with West Coast contemporary productions...New and Fresh!

Description: Relaxed Soundtrack music in style of Chillout

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